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FRCR 2B Written Practice Sets

  • Shane Academy is delighted to announce the release of eight online practice sets comprising Reporting ( Long case) and Rapid reporting packets for the FRCR 2B Exam.
  • Each practice test is intended for self-assessment and includes an answer review and semi-automated scoring.
  • Each practice set has 4 Reporting ( Long case) and 4 rapid reporting packets.
  • Reporting ( Long case) packets include cases of different systems and can have single or multiple modalities. We have also included some challenging cases to boost your knowledge and test your answering method in a timely manner.
  • You can subscribe to these practice tests as one or two sets.
  • Rapid reporting Packet 1 is provided free of cost.
Free Rapid Reporting Packet 1


FRCR 2B Written Set 1

113 AUD

Long case packets 1 to 4 &
Rapid Reporting packets 2 to 5

FRCR 2B Written Set 2

113 AUD

Long case packets 5 to 8 &
Rapid Reporting packets 6 to 9


  • These practice tests are not approved or endorsed by the Royal College of Radiologists, UK. We, Shane Academy, have built these practice tests based on general information and the knowledge of our contributing and editing radiologists. While we have made tremendous efforts to create a valuable resource for candidates, we cannot bear any accountability for your performance in the real examination.
  • The cases in these Long Case Practice tests are almost the same as those given in our e-Film Reporting Practice tests and so we suggest only subscribing for one of the two. eFilm exams contain 8 cases compared to 6 cases in the FRCR exams, with Obstetric and Gynecology cases accounting for the main differences.

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