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Radiology and Pathology e-MCQ practice packets

Radiology and Pathology e-MCQ practice packets

  • Radiology and Pathology e-MCQ packets each containing 100 SBA type MCQs set at the standard and format of the RANZCR part 2 MCQ exam.
  • Ideal for last-minute practice with scored tests and revision.
  • Tests are timed which helps in time management in real exams.
  • You will get the instant final score along with explanations once you submit the test for scoring at the end of the test.
  • You can review these explanations for 14 days from the start of the test.
  • Compare your performance with your earlier scores and with your peers.
  • Tests have to be attempted within one month of subscription.
The requirements are:
  • You can do a Scored Practice Test conveniently at any time using a designated laptop or computer.
  • We recommend using a laptop or computer and not a smartphone.
  • You can do it only on the one computer/laptop where you started doing it for the first time for each subscription. You cannot use multiple devices to access the same subscription.
  • You must complete the test within the allocated 120 minutes.
  • You cannot close the browser window once you begin a particular scored test packet.
  • In an unavoidable situation, you can pause the test ( not available in real examination).

What’s included:

Radiology Set (e-MCQ test 1 to 4)

160 AUD 112 AUD  (30% Discount)

Four online practice exams

Pathology set ( e-MCQ test 1 to 5)

200 AUD 120 AUD  (40% Discount)

Four online practice exams 


  • The RANZCR has not approved or endorsed these MCQ practice examinations. These mock tests were prepared independently by SHANE Academy based on available material and the experience of our radiologists. While we have made every attempt to provide applicants with a valuable resource, we cannot be held liable for real examination results.
  • These practice exams ( except Pathology e-MCQ test 5 ) are identical to those we have previously run in  2022 . Please consider this prior to registering if you have already completed these exams.

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